• Faye

Can't you see he is in pain?!

Today is a loooooonnnng day:

(1) 8am Wellness Appt for Orion Kenneth Griffith, which equaled 7 shots and fluoride on his teeth … out at 11:30am...

(2) We we were supposed to have a food therapy test for Orion, but had to cancel because...

(3) Wyatt Atlas Griffith was sent to surgery...for a big welt the size of a golf ball on his butt (and dealing with all the fun doctor BS of no you don't have an appointment too I was told to come straight here to now waiting in waiting room for surgeon to get out of another surgery to then take care of Wyatt...all while Orion is cranky, tired and hungry...and then try to explain to Wyatt that he cannot have any food or drinks while we wait even though he is thirsty and starving!)…


(4) to then hear the doc wants to wait until Monday for surgery (even though my son is in tears from pain)

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