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Do you work hard or harder?

When I say man I’ve worked hard today. My husband says, “oh and I haven’t?!?” 🙄 this right here. 🤬

Dear Husband,

Let's get this straight, I never said what you did was less valuable. All I asked was that you appreciate me! Stop making it all about you! I never said you don't work hard.

I just asked that you appreciate that I work hard too!

It's like you think that my job is easier because it is less labor intensive.

You act like me saying I am exhausted is some type of personal attack against you. If I am tired, your more tired. If I worked hard, you worked harder! But it is not supposed to be a competition!

You seem to get so offended when I make a comment that my contributions are valuable too.

So maybe you need to ask yourself why you feel so challenged when you are confronted with all the things I managed to do in a day.

I think the answer is pretty simple; you use your job to absolve yourself for your responsibility at home; and you operate off this narrative that I cannot expect any more of you because you already do enough. But let's be honest, you don't acknowledge that I work hard because then you would actually have to help me at home; and you wouldn't be able to call me lazy to just get out of the things that you do not want to do.

If you were to recognize my contributions as your equal, then we would have to share the obligations of the household and just admit it, you don't want that!

I mean if you think all the things I do is easy, then why would you complain on having to do them! And if you say I do nothing, then why would it be too much to add half of that to your plate?!

Do you see how offended you got when you thought I was saying you didn't work hard? Now imagine how I feel when I hear that from you, the man I married!

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