• Faye

Is there anything worse than hearing your husband say "I'll do it later..."?

Please tell me I am not the only one...

"Can you please take the trash out?" you ask for the fifth time while your child wails with the force of a hurricane in your arms without any sign of letting up. You're addressing your husband, who is nowhere to be seen. What could possibly be more pressing that your husband doesn't help with the kids? It better be important.

Then he emerges from nowhere and asks, "Oh hey what's up?".

You could strangle him where he stands. But you take the high road and control yourself. How nonchalant can he be? Does he think these kids are mine and mine alone to raise?

Adulting is hard enough. The ball game changes when you become parents. Now, the person whose interests are paramount is no longer your own, but these tiny defenseless humans that cannot feed themselves.

It is no wonder many mothers feel they have to choose between their careers or being a stay-at-home-mom. When you feel your husband doesn't help with the kids, it is draining and downright frustrating. If you've felt your blood pressure boiling, stress levels through the roof, and or you find yourself cussing when really you don't have a mouth on ya, then these might be clear signs that your other half just isn't pulling his weight in the household.

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