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Love is a Choice!

So here’s my marriage advice to anyone about to get married…. LOVE IS A CHOICE!!! You don’t marry someone because “they make you feel” butterflies, or you are so “attracted physically” or they “complete you” blah blah; let’s get REAL!!! What happens when you don’t “feel” like that anymore? Or they change?

Then what? …or worse yet Someone else becomes more attractive ???

It all comes back to that choice…. We need to choose to love our spouses like we love our kids… yes those kids who are selfish at times, don’t always return the same love we give, and who we sacrifice SOOO much for!

Yep, we don’t go off feelings with our kids. We love them no matter what. Also, a marriage is so much better when two completed people come together. They aren’t needing someone to help them feel good about themselves. Then you both can focus on becoming even better together.

So there’s my marriage rant… it’s ALOT of work, it’s ALOT of sacrifice, but when two people go into it with this mindset, it can be a beautiful thing.

And last but not least…depending on God’s strength to get through all life throws you… is a GAMECHANGER… sometimes supernatural strength is needed.. just being honest 😜

Happy Anniversary to us today!!! 3 years and counting!

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