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Make Every Moment Count

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Jasmin Griffith and her husband, Gary, have a lot on their plates. Jasmin leaves the house before dawn to commute to her desk job in Chino. Gary who also works full time, is a security officer for Kaiser.

Working, keeping their house in order, and raising their son, Wyatt, requires a lot of organization, some planning, a few deep breaths, and a lot of letting go. "I gave up on trying to have and maintain an organized bedroom. There are clothes stacked everywhere. That's just the way it is right now [in our small house]," says Jasmin.

Despite a messy bedroom, the couple has a secret to their success: working in tandem and helping each other out in sweet little ways to keep it all running smoothly. And family time is paramount: There's not much of it, but it is cherished and enjoyed. "I've learned it's not the quantity of time I spend with my family, it's the quality," says Jasmin.

When she's with Wyatt, Jasmin makes every moment count. "Even if its the few minutes between sleeping and feeding, or the drive home from his day care program, that's our time. I just cherish the moments we are together."

Her secrets for staying organized.

We use the weekend to our full advantage. All of the heavy cleaning takes place on Saturday mornings, and we work as a team. "My husband will do the dishes, while I dry and put them away [or vice versa]. He then will run the vacuum all over the house, while I swifter the kitchen and living room area. It isn't as time consuming as it sounds, as our house is not very big, only like 900 square feet. As for shopping, haircuts, and hanging out with friends, we just work it in."

The Importance of Work

"Why I work? It's a financial necessity for our family to live the lifestyle and in the area that we've chosen. However, I have a genuine passion for solving the types of problems I do at my work. Even if there were no financial necessity, I would carve out work as part of my life. Although it's a huge juggle and creates its own stressors, I hope to teach my son the important lessons about work. How (to do work) they find meaningful, (how to) maintain (their) independence, and (how to) contribute to society - by demonstrating life as a parent includes work." - Jasmin Griffith

"This is So-Cal. Everyone I know lives in a fast paced lifestyle. My motivator is my son; I want him to see that you can work and be a mentor, too. But I wish there was more time in the day, or more days in the week, as I'd love to have more time with my family."

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