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Make each moment count

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Too often we think in terms of years and make plans for the far distant future, and yet we are instructed to live one day at a time and not to even worry ourselves about the needs of tomorrow, for each day has sufficient trouble of its own.

Each day I go to the hospital or a doctor's appointment or watch my kids wake up and go about there day, I struggle with strength. Wyatt is at an age where he is coming up to the terrible twos, not listening, picking on his brother, climbing on things he shouldn't, dare I go on; but then I have to take a breath and remember to cherish every moment, as you don't know what the future holds. Will his brother get sick again? Is the reflux kidney issue a big problem? Will Wyatt always have his brother around?

We should not only reflect on the brevity of our time here on earth and recognize that our times are in God's hands and that He has scheduled every day of our life to bring glory to Himself, but also that we should make the best use of our time, during our brief sojourn on earth, by redeeming the time and making the most of every opportunity we have on earth.

This world is not our home for we have a heavenly citizenship and a glorious inheritance secured for us in heaven - but every day of our lives is an opportunity that God has graciously given us to use wisely and diligently for His glory, for the victorious life that has been lived wisely and well is the one that has honored the Lord in our thought, word and deed.

May the Lord teach each one of us to number our days carefully, so that we may develop wisdom in our hearts - by faith in Christ.

Dear Lord, thank you for each day you have given me with my boys and for the opportunities that you have given me to live a life, from this day forward, be exercised in a way that is pleasing to you, Amen.
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