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Starting a Business in the Midst of the Pandemic

We are living in a time that is different from any other time in history on many levels. For many, it seems like we are living in a state of perpetual chaos. COVID-19 has put a spotlight on uncertainty, created the need to isolate and lose connections and has raised feelings of fear and anxiety. Is it possible to embrace the chaos and find a place of peace within ourselves?

We are in a time of transition. We can look at this time as a transition between the time before COVID-19 and where we are now. We can choose to focus on all the negatives—and there are certainly a lot of those—or we can instead choose to focus on the good that still exists.

Notice the use of the word “choose.” We currently live in a time when it feels like we have little or no control over so many things we used to take for granted. This loss of control can make us feel our life is spiraling into a state of chaos which can lead to feelings of anxiety, sadness and isolation. But we need to remember that there are still things we can choose and decisions we can make about how we will deal with the transitions, changes and lack of control. We can choose to embrace the chaos and find a way forward within the chaos.

I believe these shirts can be a tool that we can use during this time of uncertainty—the tool of shifting perspective. Instead of focusing on the fear, let us refocus ourselves to zone in on what is good in our lives even if it is something seemingly small and insignificant. Practicing gratitude is proven to retrain the brain, can alter mindsets and move you forward on a path of peace and harmony. It is a choice. It takes work and it is something within everyone’s power.

As adults and gatekeepers in our communities, we need to model for our children love, kindness and gratitude. This is what will help us and them transition positively. Life is not easy. Life is not fair. Life often throws curveballs in our path, but we can make the choice to work toward a place of peace within ourselves and that energy will flow out to all those around us. We can also choose to focus on connections—finding connections, making connections and identifying gaps in connections. Again, we can choose to find ways to reconnect and make new connections. We can be creative in how we connect and who we connect with. In helping others there is great healing. We all need to be part of healing our world through making connections one day at a time.

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