• Faye

The burden feels heavy and I just feel so stumped.

Updated: Mar 11

People say we should separate. Or they become biased, as they cannot believe that I am still with him.

I love him!

I do love him, and when he is participating he is a great man and a father! I don't want to take that from him. I understand he was raised with tough parents, or as he puts it, a verbally abusive relationship, but sometimes I see him do the exact same thing. Gets angry. Reacts before knowing the details. Yells when there is no reason to do so.

I wonder if it came to ever be, if he could survive without me. He talks sometimes like he could be suicidal...and that would be on me.

Oh and another thing, he acts like having kids is a game. "Oh, if it is not a boy, than we will just get an abortion." Wait, what?!

How did I get here! When I said forever, I meant it, but the burden feels heavy and I feel so stumped.

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