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The Doctor Will Call Me Maybe

COVID has had a a major impact on the delivery of healthcare for children, both for routine check-ups and visits for illnesses.

Have you noticed that when explaining that your child is sick with a cough or a sneeze, your kids are automatically ruled to have COVID. Which means that their doctors refuse to see them and recommends you take them to the hospital.

However, you as a parent knows that it is not COVID related, and just may be the normal flu or something else in the medical world. Yet, when you take your child to the hospital, as directed by their pediatrician, your kids are then prodded with needles; but once it is determined that they do not have COVID, you then do not get the attention you hoped for to take care of your son or daughter.

Time and time again, I have seen or heard parents complain about the new healthcare system requirements. At first I did not think much of it, as I would never think that would happen to my children, especially the one who is immune comprised.; but upon moving states, that thinking has become futile.

Moving to a new state in May, and trying to find care for my children has been frustrating to say the least. When finding them providers, I was told that it would be 6 months to a year out before they could be seen in person. Nothing ever being mentioned of a virtual doc. Even when telling the providers that I have a heart baby that needs to be seen to make sure he is meeting his milestones and having his vaccinations up to date, did not speed up the process. Though when meeting with my youngest's special doctors: Cardiologist and Nephrologist, they were appalled that my youngest was not seen for his regular check up and concerned.

So here I am to this day, still trying to get my son in for a wellness check, with no ramifications. Calling pediatrician after pediatrician, all who seemed to be booked for at least a year or more. Then say you find one that might be willing; you then have to deal with the insurance company saying they do not partner with that pediatrician company. Ugh! It is never ending!!

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